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For a preview of our facilities please click here.

We have several rooms & options available:

  • The “Board” Room – Seating up to twelve people;
  • The “Lone Pine” Room – Seating up to twenty-five people and
  • The “Auditorium” – Seating up to 250 people comfortably.This can be split to accommodate smaller groups as required.
We also have a small kitchen available in the auditorium for hire to allow you to tend to your guests needs.
Our charges for these rooms are very reasonable and will attempt to accommodate any requirement that may be needed by your group. Depending upon the group size we may adjust pricing at the time of booking.
If you would like to place a booking please call Reception on 03 5020 1205 or for more information please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Other facilities we offer our members and bona-fide visitors are: