Balranald District Ex-Services Memorial Club

116 Market Street, Balranald, NSW, Australia, New South Wales

 Open 10am - Late - 7 Days


 Please note that the Clubhouse, Bowling Greens, and all grassed areas are licensed premises thereby meaning that bringing alcohol onto the premises is forbidden under the Liquor Act.  Bowlers & other patrons wishing to take any type of drinks onto or around the greens are permitted to do so but these must be purchased at the bar.

The Balranald Ex-Services Memorial Club Limited is a Not-for-Profit organization set up for Returned, Ex-Service, Serving & local community men and women.  The Club is currently using the trading name of Balranald Club for its day to day operations, including marketing, technology suitability, etc.

We pride ourselves on our clean facilities and friendly staff whom are always willing to lend a helping hand.

In 1952 we were first established as a registered club and started off with a very limited number of members but we have grown to almost 1,300 members today.

The club was opened on the 17th January, 1955 as a licensed club with Ron Blake as the Secretary Manager.  Those original foundation committee members could not have foreseen the development that was to occur in the ensuing fifty odd years to the wonderful club it is today.  Many extensions, alterations and improvements have been carried out by the Directors over the years since the official opening such as a modern ladies lounge opened in 1969 (now a cozy coffee lounge & seating area), a bowling green in 1973, and a club auditorium in 1975  just to name a few.

Once considered the end of the line, Balranald now is a stopping place on the Sturt Highway, that forms the direct link between Sydney and Adelaide.  Many travellers find the town ideal for an overnight (or longer) stay to refresh themselves at the Club with a magnificent meal, refreshing drinks and just a great place to unwind in and enjoy the many facilities on offer at the local Club.

First settled in the 1840s on the site of a fording place of the Murrumbidgee River Balranald gained importance during the river-boat days as a service port for the wool industry.
Balranald and the Club now services the surrounding grain, sheep, cattle and viticulture industries. Apart from the areas grazed, the country around contains mallee, rosewood and belah woodland and contrasts with the closer settled Victorian side of the Murray River.

The Bend, on the Murrumbidgee River, has shady parking and a swimming spot with picnic tables, boat launching ramps and toilets.  The main recreation ground in town, Greenham Park in We Street, caters for football, soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball, tennis and horse-racing with many of these organisations receiving assistance in one form or another from the Club.   Adjacent to this ground is a three-pool swimming complex and golf course.   Other facilities provided in the town include showers, toilets and parking areas.
So, on your next trip plan to stay a while in Balranald and visit our wonderful local Club….enjoy yourself